100% wool felt

If you’ve never used 100% wool felt before you will be genuinely amazed by its unique finish & feel. Being super strong yet soft, our 100% wool felt has minimal stretch and a matt finish that will last.

Available in 10 beautiful natural earthy hues.

At 425 grams per metre, it’s a heavier weight than our standard wool mix felt which is 300 grams per metre. You won’t fail to notice its significant extra body & texture over our standard wool mix felt.

100% wool felt is really versatile & works well with die cutting machines, sewing machines, by hand etc…

Ask your stockist for Decracraft 100% wool felt from Jomil.





G7 – Ash
G8 – Pebble
G9 – Shadow
G5 – Mist
G6 – Fossil
G4 – Walnut
G3 – Chocolate
G2 – Mocha
G0 – Beige
G1 – Peanut





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